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UFC 111: Rory Markham is going to stand his ground, puff out his chest and throw down against Nate Diaz


Props: MMA Weekly


"I think it’s a very interesting match-up. I like the kid’s style. I think we can definitely relate to each other – we stand our ground, puff out our chest, and like to throw down in there. He likes to play the heel, and that’s fine with me. No one’s going to take me out of my game. I try to fight without emotion, even though my style is very angry. This is my new beginning. I made an obligation to myself, my organization, and my peers in the welterweight division to get better and refine my game so I can compete with the top guys. I feel my knockout power is absolutely championship caliber; I just need to make sure the rest of my game is as well."

After pulling out of UFC 108 due to injury, welterweight prospect Rory Markham deconstructs his new fight against Nate Diaz at UFC 111 from the Prudential Center in Newark, NJ, on March 27. Diaz is moving up in weight to see if he has better luck than he did in the lightweight class -- or at least better fighters. Is Markham going to make a name for himself against the TUF 5 champion? Or is Diaz ready to make some waves at 170-pounds?

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