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Joe Rogan: In this sport it pays to make comparisons to Fedor Emelianenko


Props: (via Fighter's Only)


"Guys do what they have to do to get attention and to build hype. The more attention they get, the more money they can make. In this sport it pays to make any comparisons with Fedor. You also have to factor in that these are very confident professional killers and that they really do believe that they can beat any man alive. I don't really think I've seen any UFC fighter 'trash' Fedor. It's not that someone hasn't, I just don't recall seeing it anywhere. I would love to see Fedor, Mousasi, Shields, etc. - I would love to see all the best guys in the world match up, regardless of what organization they represent, but unfortunately the business doesn't work that way, and if companies aren't making money (as we've seen over and over again) they go under. The UFC isn't going to make any dumb moves, and they're not going away. They're going to get bigger every year, and if Fedor comes aboard one day, awesome. If not, that's cool too. It's all good in the end. I just like watching great fights, and we've got a lot of them coming up in 2010."

Longtime UFC commentator and rabid mixed martial arts fan Joe Rogan talks about the complexities of a sport that is not bound by a single entity. While it may give fighters more places to find employment, it also keeps some of the most desired fantasy bouts from ever taking place. Strikeforce has been willing to make deals with M-1 Global and DREAM in order to obtain the rights to a broader talent base, but the UFC brass remain steadfast in their decision to stand alone. Good for business -- but is it good for the sport?

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