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Hector Lombard's goals for 2010 include offending top middleweights and grabbing a few throats


"I'm pissed off right now about that. It's frustrating for me that everybody who knows me, everybody who knows what I'm about, they know I'm for real. Everybody who's been training with me knows I'm for real. I don't see my name out there and that's why I've been calling out all the big fighters. I want to fight the best. I want to stand out. I'm not getting the respect I'm supposed to have. If I have to offend everybody, if I have to grab somebody by the throat, then I gotta do it."

The grotesquely underrated Hector Lombard (22-2-1) blows his stack via MMA Fighting over the lack of respect he's getting from the mixed martial arts community. In addition to cleaning out his division in Australia's Cage Fighting Championships (CFC), "Hektor" spent most of 2009 making a mockery of the Bellator FC middleweight division, capturing the 185-pound championship after three straight (T)KO wins for the upstart promotion. The Cuban-born Australian is expected to defend that title later this year, but is there anyone outside of Strikeforce and the UFC that can stop him?

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