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Shane Carwin: 'Frank Mir is either a terrible human being or unfit to fight'




"I can tell you that ANY athlete wishing death upon a competitor is either a terrible human being or mentally unfit to fight. That type of talk and if it ever happened will take this sport backwards. Frank has been a part of the stone ages of MMA and it makes no sense why he would want or make comments that might damage a lot of the good HE has participated in adding to this sport over the years.... Brock is a heel in the ring but at home he is a human, husband, father and friend to many. Wishing death or harm upon him doesn't serve any purpose. I will do my best to make Frank's dream of fighting Brock come true, unfortunately for them it will be a three round fight as I plan on winning both of those belts."

Heavyweight hopeful Shane Carwin -- who appears to be lost amidst all the recent talk about Frank Mir wanting to kill Brock Lesnar inside the Octagon -- adds his two cents about the situation. Carwin is booked to battle Mir at UFC 111: "St. Pierre vs. Hardy" from the Prudential Center in Newark, N.J., on March 27. However, the recent brouhaha over Mir's latest mortal comments about Lesnar, as well as the swift public apology from Mir and the promotion, has overshadowed the interim title fight with just a few weeks until showtime. Mir is a master at promoting his fights ... don't ever forget that. He baited a big hook and now Carwin is on the line. Can Mir reel in the monster catch or will Carwin make him regret ever setting sail?

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