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UFC Quick Quote: James Toney refuses MMA contract because 'Dana White is a ho'


"Dana White is a straight up ho! He makes me a 5-fight offer for chump change and said I can't box anymore if I accept it. He must have lost his damn mind. I'm the best of both worlds. Anyone in either sport that wants to come see me, we can do this."

41-year-old NABO heavyweight boxing champion James "Lights Out" Toney (72-6-3, 44 KOs) goes off on a tangent to our amigos over at, blaming UFC President Dana White for an offer that basically amounts to "chump change" over the course of five fights. Perhaps White gave him an offer that was directly proportionate to his skills in mixed martial arts? Toney has been extremely vocal about getting his shot inside the Octagon as of late, probably after watching Ray Mercer put Tim Sylvia on queer street last year in Alabama and then deciding it was time to prove his pugilistic power is more than enough to squash a former YouTube star and some past-their prime headliners. But even if he does, would it warrant the multi-million dollar payday he's looking for?

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