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UFC Quick Quote: Paulo Thiago 'not ready yet' to face Georges St. Pierre


"The UFC guys said I’m starting to shine, but I have to continue.

My division is big. I don’t know if I have to wait for another fight. I’m not worried about (the title) yet. On the right time the UFC will give me the chance. I’m getting experience, feeling more comfortable. I’m not ready yet.

St. Pierre is very smart, it’s going to be a chess game. Who gets calmer to annul the game of the other, takes it. He works a lot of takedown defense, the ground, the guard... You have to exchange with him, be aggressive. There are a lot of ways to prepare."

Up-and-coming UFC welterweight Paulo Thiago talks to about his place in the 170-pound weight class. While many of the division's top fighters are arguing over who should be the next man to challenge current champion Georges St. Pierre, Thiago is content to work his way up the ladder and eliminate any doubts about becoming the next number one contender. How long before the Brazilian supercop gets his shot at the crown?

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