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Chris Lytle: 'I wanted people to know I'm a complete fighter'




"I won 'Submission of the Night' once before and my last few have all been stand up brawls. I didn't want anybody to think I'm just a stand-up guy, just a banger, I wanted people to know I'm a complete fighter. I was envisioning a few different submissions I could go for depending on how the fight played out. He tried to take me down, I saw the leg and I was like 'You know what? This is one of the ones I've been looking at' and it was there, so I did it. My adrenaline was going so fast as soon as I got in position I put it on as hard as I could. In practice you try not to do so much but in a fight if you don't go hard they're going to get out of it. It was kind of at a weird angle, it wasn't straight on, so I might have popped it a little bit. I apologize for that."

Chris Lytle talks about winning yet another fight night bonus with his painful kneebar on Brian Foster to nab "Submission of the Night" on the preliminary card of UFC 110 last Saturday night from the Acer Arena in Sydney, Australia. "Lights Out" has made a name for himself by throwing nonstop leather in each and every fight but despite his pugilistic prowess, the Indiana native has finished more than half of his 28 wins by submission. Lytle may not be fighting for the title anytime soon but continues to prove time and time again he's a very dangerous opponent for anyone trying to climb the 170-pound ladder.

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