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Herschel Walker: If Jose Canseco wants to fight ... I will hurt him



"Canseco wanted to fight me, and what's strange about it is that what I do is not a circus, not going in there playing trying to make money. My money went to Pastor Evans at Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship. All my proceeds went there. I didn't get into this to make money, I got into it for the competition. Jose is doing this for the money and my thing is, if he wants to fight me and thinks it's going to be a circus, I will hurt him. This is not a joke, I will hurt him. I don't do things as a joke [or] as entertainment. When we go out there and play a flag football game, that's entertainment, that's having fun. But this MMA fighting is real, you can get hurt and he doesn't understand this. I'm doing this as a fighter, not as a joke."

1-0 mixed martial artist, perhaps better known as former NFL great Herschel Walker, responds to the latest sorry attempt from baseball's steroid stool-pigeon, Jose Canseco, whose impotent effort to call out the former Heisman Trophy winner via Twitter was met with a collective face-palm from the MMA community. The Cuban reject already crumbled under the gland of Hong Man Choi back at DREAM 9 and is apparently once again hard up for cash or attention. Either way, let's hope it's the last we hear from the former "Bash Brother."

(Thanks to MMA maniac "six30two" for the tip)

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