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UFC Quick Quote: A 'fit' Brock Lesnar not just eating the meat


"Brock is doing well now. He did lose some weight, but he didn't lose any mass. He's looking fit and that's the best thing about it. He's just a fit guy right now and he's eating better. Now he's regulating his diet, he's not just solely eating the meat. We're not 100-percent sure when (his return) is gonna be just yet. Obviously he's not gonna want to be in [the Octagon] until he's 100-percent ready to be in there. He's not going to short-change anyone. He's especially not going to short-change himself."

Greg Nelson, trainer and coach for UFC Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar, updates the fans on the champ's condition during his upcoming appearance on "Inside Fights" via HDNet. Lesnar is returning from a lengthy battle with diverticulitis that booted him from his UFC 106 title defense against Shane Carwin and is expected to make his return at the yet-unannounced UFC 116 fight card on July 3 in Las Vegas. His opponent has still not been determined as a handful of contenders battle it out within the next few months to win the first crack at his belt. Will the layoff affect Lesnar's chances? Or is the new and improved diet going to make him better than ever?

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