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Zuffa brings legal action against dot-com that streams unlicensed feeds of UFC programming


The Zuffa legal eagles are flying high again, this time swooping down and sinking their talons into the scurvy pirates at

After UFC President Dana White vowed to make life miserable for the chiselers who stream illegal feeds of live UFC programming, the Las Vegas Sun reports that the Zuffa legal team may have bagged their latest casualty in the war on pirates.


Zuffa is suing Moazzam Gandu of Stafford, Va., for running the website and reportedly offering UFC 110 for a paltry $6.95 per feed.

The suit also alleges Gandu has offered illegal streams of at least 40 past UFC events and profited from the advertising that accompanied his site. No-Gan-Du!

The Vancouver Sun outlined the proactive approach from UFC head honcho Lorenzo Fertitta -- who recently testified for the US House Judiciary Committee during a referendum on internet piracy of sporting events. According to him, the Zuffa anti-piracy team uncovered 271 illegal streams of UFC 106 with over 140,000 viewers.

From Fertitta:

"The piracy of live sporting events is illegal, it kills jobs, and it threatens the expansion of US based companies. The UFC is potentially losing millions of dollars a year from piracy."

While I'm sure not many fans are losing sleep over the UFC's missing money, pirating pay-per-views is illegal. They may not be able to stop Internet piracy (many have tried and failed) but it's not unrealistic to think a few high profile cases involving the average Joe would at least help to deter future pirates.

Like the idiots who post their links to the illegal streams in forums that record IP addresses.

Consider yourself warned! (Again)

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