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UFC Quick Quote: Dana White ready for MMA to come (back) to the Olympics




"It would be a huge benefit to us if mixed martial arts became an Olympic sport. It would create instant awareness around the world, and it would be huge. I would support it 100-percent. I personally am not out there trying to get mixed martial arts as an Olympic sport - I got enough to do, somebody else can figure that out - but if it popped and they said, 'Yes, we're thinking about it,' I would go guns ablazing and try to make it happen. It would change the game forever."

UFC President Dana White is all for the return of mixed martial arts to the Olympic Games, International sport's most hallowed ground. MMA existed under the Olympic banner back in Ancient Greece in the form of Pankration, a combination of boxing and wrestling but may not have the public support that it once did. The UFC has been working tirelessly to sanction MMA in the United States as well as expand their efforts abroad. Is an Olympic appearance just a matter of time? Or has the 21st century made the world too soft and squeamish for the intricacies of cagefighting?

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