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UFC Quick Quote: Ben Rothwell planning on facing the 2001 'Cro Cop'


"We would never disrespect the sport in taking anybody lightly. We’re planning to fight the 2001 Cro Cop. He accepted the fight, and when everybody’s telling you that you’re no good and can’t do it anymore, and you take a fight, there’s something to be said about that. That means he’s coming to fight. I know without a doubt that this man is gonna come hard. When he’s moving around fast and doing his thing, people are gonna be like ‘oh man, we haven’t see this Cro Cop,’ but I’m not gonna be surprised. It’s a tough fight, another big fight, and people get credit for beating Cro Cop because he’s not just a nobody. The guy’s dangerous, there’s no doubt about it, and he’s still got fight in him, so it’s gonna be a good fight and definitely a fight that I want to win."

Former IFL standout Ben Rothwell tells Thomas Gerbasi that he doesn't believe that Mirko Filipovic, who faces "Big" at UFC 110 this Saturday from the Acer Arena in Sydney, is any different than the striker who terrorized PRIDE and K-1 earlier in the decade. Like the Croat, Rothwell is coming off a lopsided loss and knows that aside from job security, a win over a name like "Cro Cop" can go a long way to ascending the heavyweight rankings. Can he pull it off?

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