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Elvis Sinosic: The King of Rock n Revenge?

Props: Bleacher Report


"I have no personal issues with Chris (Haseman) and he can say what he wants. Revenge has never been a factor. I have great respect for everyone that steps into the cage. What happened in the past helped build who I am today. Nothing I do now will change that. With age you can look at someone like Randy (Couture) and realize that it is training, not age that is relevant. As to records, when you look behind the numbers, sometimes it says more than the numbers alone. My record shows that I have faced world class competitors pretty much my entire career. [This is] a fantastic opportunity for me. I’ve been involved with the UFC since UFC 30, and I’ve always traveled and faced the hometown favorites. Finally, I get a chance to stand in front of my hometown. That alone is worth it."

39-year-old Australian mixed martial arts pioneer Elvis Sinosic (8-11-2) talks about his rematch with fellow Aussie Chris Haseman (20-16), who submitted the "King of Rock n Rumble" nearly thirteen years ago at Caged Combat 1. Sinosic hasn't competed since a TKO loss to Paul Cahoon at Cage Rage 24 back in 2007 but doesn't need much motivation to get in shape for UFC 110 from the Acer Arena in Sydney. Will his return to the Octagon be a successful one? Or is the "King" going to be dethroned once and for all?

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