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UFC 110: Do you know who George Sotiropoulos is? He's a serious threat...


"I see this as a step up and I do see the difference between fighting on the undercard and the main card. I'm getting more exposure, and I can see that makes a huge difference. I haven't been fighting on main cards and obviously people are going to see you less. But I feel like I'm a complete fighter and I'm gaining momentum in the public's eye. A fighter's name and his fighting quality are two separate things. Just because people don't know my name doesn't mean I'm not a serious threat. If (Stevenson) doesn't realize that, he's going to have a problem on his hands. He already has a problem on his hands."

Burgeoning UFC lightweight George Sotiropoulos tells the Las Vegas Sun that Joe Stevenson is going to find out the difference between a fighter's name and a fighter's capabilities come Feb. 21 when the two clash at UFC 110 from the Acer Arena in Sydney, Australia. The Geelong, Victoria native returns to his homeland with a perfect UFC record of 4-0 and hopes to use "Daddy" as a stepping stone to bigger and better opportunities in the 155-pound division. Is he biting off more than he can chew?

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