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Joe Stevenson doesn't want to train with BJ Penn ...


... because he anticipates a rematch with "The Prodigy" in late 2010.

"It is awesome that people are starting to talk about me maybe fighting for the title again. But I don’t want it whisper in the wind that I maybe get a title shot. I want to keep on winning, and winning big, so the fans are like 'Give Joe Daddy his second title shot already!' I was asked by BJ if I wanted to train with him for this fight but, as great as would be, I had to say no because I think I am going to be fighting him again at the end of the year."

UFC lightweight Joe Stevenson (via Fighter's Only) passes on the opportunity to train with current division champion BJ Penn heading into his UFC 110 fight against George Sotiropoulos on Feb. 21 because "Daddy" is planning on another title shot against the Hawaiian by year's end. Of course he must win in Australia and Penn must win in Abu Dhabi, but does anyone else need to see a repeat of the drubbing Stevenson took at UFC 80?

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