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Chuck Liddell: This year the TUF guys want to be fighters, not TV stars

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"We've got some good guys like usual, but this season there are some that I just know are going to be really good. The thing that reminds me of that first season is we've got so many guys who you can see that they've got what it takes. What's so much different is that the first season, we really didn't even know what we were doing. We had those stupid challenge things and we did so many stunts because that's what we thought reality TV was supposed to be about. I think we have some guys like that this year. I know some years you have guys who look like they're just going into it to stir things up and become TV stars but that's not what this year's guys are about. This year the guys want to be fighters. No one is in it thinking, 'I just want to be on TV.'"

Former light heavyweight champion Chuck Liddell talks about the difference in The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) after ten seasons of being away from it. "The Iceman" had the dubious honor of coaching the very first season opposite Randy Couture back in 2005 and now five years later finds himself paired up with longtime nemesis Tito Ortiz for TUF 11. Shortly thereafter, Liddell and Ortiz will hook 'em up for a third time. Anyone pumped for the upcoming season of the Spike TV reality show? Or has the series reached its saturation point?

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