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WEC Quick Quote: Miguel 'Mexican Dude' Torres talks tacos, hockey and Hanukkah


"I feel really good. I’ve been doing tons of conditioning, working on my wrestling, and a lot on my boxing. I’m working a lot on being elusive. Moving around, picking my shots, working on my timing. I’ve been watching a lot of Machida’s, Shogun’s, Anderson Silva’s fights. Studying lots of guys that I should be trying to emulate. Right now, I find myself in Columbus, Ohio doing promo stuff for the fights on March 6. Doing all kinds of interviews with television stations, magazines, and internet sites. They had me go to a hockey game the other night. My first hockey game I’ve ever been to. A Mexican dude at a hockey game! It’s like a taco dinner at Hanukkah."

Former 135-pound kingpin Miguel Torres talks to about his recent promotional tour to promote his upcoming WEC 47 bout against Joseph Benavidez on March 6. Torres is re-inventing himself after a stunning defeat at the heavy hands of new bantamweight champion Brian Bowles at WEC 42 back in August 2009. Will Torres get his revenge? Or has his storied championship reign come to an end, much like Urijah Faber's did at WEC 36 now that the WEC has a stacked roster? What say you?

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