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Stephan Bonnar: Mark Coleman was beat before he entered the cage


Props: Jon Lane's World


"Yeah, it didn’t look like he tried too hard. He’s been fighting for a long time and that’s the only fight I’ve seen in which he didn’t attempt a takedown. I think he was kind of beat before he entered the ring. He kind of conceded like he’ll get paid but won’t win this one."

"The American Psycho" weighs in on the losing performance of Mark Coleman, who came up empty against fellow 40-something Hall of Famer Randy Couture at UFC 109 from the Mandalay Bay Events Center back on Feb. 6. Bonnar may have the dubious honor of being the last man to lose to "The Hammer" now that the former PRIDE and UFC heavyweight has been released from his Zuffa contract -- unless of course he returns to Japan to open a few Japanese tomato cans. Anyone think Coleman will keep fighting?

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