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Demolition camp: K-1 strikers 'would kick the shit out of' Fedor Emelianenko


Props: MMA Fighting


"I feel very good about Alistair's chances. Fedor's striking isn't even close to Alistair's. Technically, Alistair's striking is way ahead of [his]. If Fedor ever fought in K-1, they'd kick the shit out of him. People don't realize how good Alistair's ground game is. He's really looking forward to fighting Fedor."

Martijn de Jong, mixed martial arts coach for current Strikeforce Heavyweight Champion Alistair Overeem, has a hard time finding any area that famed Russian heavyweight Fedor Emelianenko is better at than his prized pupil. "The Last Emperor" proved that it only takes one punch when he crumpled Brett Rogers last November. Can a bulked up Overeem avoid the same fate? Of course such a match up is predicated on "Demolition Man" returning to the States to defend his title -- something he hasn't done in well over two years.

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