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All she scrote? NSAC gave Todd Duffee and Dan Henderson exemptions for Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT)


According to Dave Meltzer (via Bloody Elbow):

In Nevada, it has only been approved for two fighters, Dan Henderson and Todd Duffee (before the Mike Russow fight on 5/29). The stories about Randy Couture linked to TRT in Nevada and having an exemption is an urban myth. Couture's name has been linked with it since 2007 when Joe Rogan, in an ESPN interview, when talking about Couture, made a mention of how with things like hormone replacement therapy, athletes are now able to compete at an older age than in the past. It should be noted that it is not believed Duffee's being let go by UFC after this loss had anything to do with this treatment. Henderson has been tested after all of his fights in Nevada and always fell beneath the 6-to-1 ratio. Duffee was blood tested leading to the Russow fight, but was not tested after the fight because he lost. Nevada usually tests winners and some losers at random, but not all losers are tested under the guise that if you lost, you didn't score an unfair win. Duffee was not in a title match or a main event where both fighters would automatically be tested. Only one fighter in California has ever been approved for testosterone replacement therapy, although the commission would not give his name.

Mixed martial arts' hottest acronym, TRT, was approved for Todd Duffee and Dan Henderson -- not Chael Sonnen -- according to the Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC). MMA sleuths are walking their beat now that the former UFC middleweight number one contender has shed some light on Testosterone Replacement Therapy, which is not uncommon for athletes his age and with his competitive background. Like Sonnen, Henderson also has a long history of wrestling and fighting but things may be a bit more complicated for the twenty-something Duffee. Thoughts?

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