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UFC 124: Joe Doerksen's style 'doesn't really play into' Dan Miller's gameplan


Props: MMA Weekly


"I’m happy that (the UFC is) happy with the way I fight, and it’s good to still be in the UFC. I know I have a tough task in front of me and I’m excited to fight Joe. He’s a real tough guy and he’s a veteran of the sport. I go into every fight the same way, doesn’t matter who it is. I look at it as my toughest task. This is going to be my toughest fight to date and I’m just going to go in there and fight the way I fight, and make him fight my fight. His style doesn’t really play into it."

One of the promotion's only fighters to endure a three-fight losing streak and survive the cut, middleweight hopeful Dan Miller heads into the UFC 124 pay-per-view on Saturday night (Dec. 11) looking to build on his submission win over John Salter at UFC 118 back in August. Can Miller overcome the grappling prowess of Joe Doerksen in Montreal? Or is his Zuffa career on borrowed time?

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