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UFC Quick Quote: Has 'Captain Canada' become predictable?


"It is a brutal crowd if you're fighting Captain Canada in Canada. I thought the cage was shaking. It was brutal. Brutal. But I don’t think it’s going to effect Koscheck at all because he loves being the heel. If Koscheck can truly block out the crowd, or use it to fuel himself, he has a chance to beat St-Pierre. St-Pierre is predictable now. Everyone knows what he’s going to do. But now you gotta stop it."

Matt Serra, the most hated man in all of GSP fandom, tells Newsday's Fightin' Words that Josh Koscheck can beat UFC welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre if he can overcome the Canadian crown, or at least use it to his advantage. Serra experienced firsthand what a Montreal crowd can do when he coughed up the 170-pound strap in his rematch with "Rush" at UFC 83 back in 2008. Will Koscheck meet the same fate? Or does the bad guy win at the end of this story?

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