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It's 'do or die' for Mac Danzig against Joe Stevenson at UFC 124




"I watched his ups and downs and I think he's dealt with some of the same things I have in my career. He's had a lot of fights, just like me, and he's won a lot, lost some, and the one thing about him that I think is very similar to me is that we fought a lot of tough opponents. If you look at either of us, and our losses, it's never been to some Joe Schmoe guy. Anytime we've had a loss, it's been to a real high quality, worthy opponent. And I think that both of us are at a similar point in our careers where it's do or die right now. And I'm here to do."

The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) season six winner Mac Danzig knows it's time to put up or shut up when he takes on Joe Stevenson at UFC 124 on Dec. 11 in Montreal. Having been a previous winner of TUF, he's been given plenty of slack but his losing four of five fights hasn't gone unnoticed. Once you consider the merger with the WEC, Danzig is fighting not just to win but to keep his job. Although Stevenson has won two of his last three, he may be in the same boat, floating up the metaphorical creek. Let's get your take, Maniacs. With the influx of lightweights coming from the WEC, do you want these two to stick around? Or have they both overstayed their welcome?

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