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UFC Quick Quote: Keith Kizer has a message for Joe Rogan ...


"If Joe Rogan wants to get on the air and call people names, that’s his business. I’m not going waste my time responding to that. They always say that ‘the UFC has nothing to do with judging.’ Well guess what, they’ve got a big fight coming up in Canada called Koscheck vs. Georges St. Pierre - the UFC and Marc Ratner are flying Tony Weeks up there as a judge. C’mon, Joe. How about some honesty? They’ve taken 90% of our officials with them overseas, as they should. That’s not a knock on Dana [White] and Marc [Ratner]; they know what they’re doing ... Yeah, I have a problem with how they scored the third round. Definitely. I mean, they’re both very good judges which makes it all the more surprising ... There have been judges that we’ve had here who we’ve sent packing. It didn’t work out. Every judge needs to stay sharp, but everyone makes mistakes. You hear so many people cry ‘robbery’ about this and that. I get emails about it all of the time. I go back and watch the fight, and you say to yourself, ‘What? That wasn’t a robbery. The judges got it right!’ A lot of people were saying that about the Rampage vs. Machida fight. Even Dana White said that. You get people who love to overreact. Obviously there are people who want to feel superior than others, trash others. Maybe they are full of some self-hate, some self-pity, maybe that’s Rogan’s piece as well. There are ways to criticize professionally, ethically, effectively and legitimately. But then there are ways where you are just trying to make yourself look better."

Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) Executive Director Keith Kizer (via responds to Joe Rogan's recent rant on the quality of mixed martial arts judging following the controversial split decision win for Leonard Garcia in his TUF 12 Finale fight against Nam Phan back on Dec. 4 in Las Vegas. A majority of MMA fans and pundits, including UFC President Dana White and color commentator Joe Rogan, scored the contest in Phan's favor. Whose side are you taking in the battle for better officiating? Does Kizer have a logical explanation? Or does Rogan make the more convincing argument? Sound off, Maniacs.

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