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Dear Sean McCorkle: Grow up! Sincerely, Stefan Struve


Props: SB Nation


"I don't pay much attention to it. I've never had a guy trash talk so much before a fight. It's funny, but some of them are kinda 'you know.' I'm 22 and he's like 34 or 35? Maybe even older. (ed. note - he's 37) It should be the other way around. Come on, grow up man. I'm getting a little annoyed but I'll talk to him next week. I don't like him and I'll do my talking with him next week in the Octagon. I promise the people in Montreal one hell of a fight."

22-year-old Dutch heavyweight Stefan Struve says he's going to let his fists do the talking against Sean McCorkle at the UFC 124: "St. Pierre vs. Koscheck II" pay-per-view event on Saturday night. "Skyscraper" has been the recipient of a continuous verbal assault from "Big Sexy," despite McCorkle having just one Octagon win to his credit. Will Struve be able to prove that his opponent is all bark and no bite when they throw hands on Dec. 11 in Montreal?

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