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Gracie camp: Nick Diaz is fighting in January -- but not against 'Mayhem' Miller


According to their official website:

Jason "Mayhem" Miller has opted to not take a fight with Nick Diaz in January at a catchweight of 178lbs.

Despite having previously fought at the 170lbs weight limit, Miller now says that he is unwilling to meet at 178 and instead wants Strikeforce's Welterweight Champion to move up to middleweight to fight him.

Miller has stated he would be willing to lose 2 pounds and fight at 183lbs. As of yet Miller has defeated none of the top Strikeforce contenders but did win a fight on MTV's Bully Beatdown show.

Strikeforce will now be searching for a new opponent for Diaz for their January card.

With the Nick Diaz vs. Jason Miller grudge match seemingly dead and buried, the Cesar Gracie camp lets it be known that Strikeforce is now searching for a new opponent for its top star and current welterweight champion since an acceptable catch-weight could not be agreed upon in time to bring closure to this heated rivalry. The question now is, who does Diaz face to kick off the 2011 fight campaign? Jay Hieron got tired of waiting and jumped ship, which means the only qualified contender is ...

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