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James Toney: Rampage Jackson is a black redneck


Props: Fight Hype


"The only thing that the Fake Mr. T has to do is sign the contract. Rampage is a decent club fighter and if he thinks his club fighting style can match my skills, then he is crazy as hell. What? Is he mad because I called him an Uncle Tom or because I said Detroit wouldn't accept him? (Laughing) My boy said Rampage stayed in his room and they were in Auburn Hills. They knew better than to go to the D where I'm from. Rampage is still an Uncle Tom and I will go on record and say he is not dumb enough to stand and trade with me. Machida almost knocked him out, so what do you think I would do to him. Rampage is a black redneck. He better stick to hanging with them white boys and keep my name out of his mouth. I ain't hard to find; sign the contract!"

Portly pugilistic powerhouse James Toney, still licking his wounds after the Boston Massacre at the hands of Randy Couture back at UFC 118 last August, calls out mixed martial arts star Quinton Jackson (again) for apparently ducking him at UFC 123 in Detroit. "Rampage" won a split decision over fellow contender Lyoto Machida on Nov. 20 in a performance that didn't impress "Lights Out." Is Toney trying to trash talk his way back into the Octagon? Or simply trying to save face in a sport he was unable to conquer?

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