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TUF 12 Finale results: Jonathan Brookins defeats Michael Johnson to become The Ultimate Fighter


Jonathan Brookins is the winner of season 12 of The Ultimate Fighter.

In the early going it didn't look like he would be able to defeat his extremely athletic opponent in Michael Johnson. The opening round showed how much of a liability his stand-up game just may be.

Johnson landed a shot early that Brookins clearly didn't enjoy and he immediately shot in for the takedown. Johnson defended well though, and managed to keep the fight where he had the clear advantage.

Time after time, Johnson drilled Brookins with shots clean on the chin but Brookins was game and refused to succumb to the onslaught.

He survived to make it to the second round and that's when he completely took over the fight.

They opened the second the same as the first -- Johnson tagging Brookins with a big shot and Brookins eating it and shooting under. Only this time, the takedown was there and Brookins took full advantage.

Johnson was unable to get off his back for the remainder of the round and Brookins landed plenty of short elbows and punches to completely dominant and even things up on the scorecards.

The final frame was a carbon copy of the middle round as Brookins secured the takedown and worked from top to control the rest of the way to take the round and the fight.

Johnson showed his athleticism and stand up skills but he was clearly gassed by the third round.

Brookins was getting owned standing up in the opening round before using his takedowns and relentless top game to control the rest of the fight.

And that finally brings this season of The Ultimate Fighter to a close.

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