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MMA Quick Quote: Paul Daley has 'never been playing a character'


And he won't change to please any organization or the media:

"...There's never been two sides to me. Throughout my career you'll always see some things happening again and again, and that shows I've always been myself. I've never been playing a character. There's a pattern in my behavior, and it's a steady pattern. I just mean that it's not unpredictable. There are no anomalies to my behavior. If you look at the beginning of my career, I'm saying the same things, reacting the same way, doing the same things. I'm not changing to please any organization or media bodies. The people who love me still love me and I still have their support. The people who hate me, they're just giving me more airtime. I'm happy either way."

Paul Daley talks to MMA Fighting and says he's just going to be who he's always been -- the predictable striker from Team Rough House. After the infamous incident against Josh Koscheck, when he unloaded a punch on him after the horn sounded, "Semtex" has dealt with a myriad of taunting and jesting fans and even some members of the media. He's not letting it affect him though, and even makes note of the fact that any recognition just gives him more exposure to do what he does best -- knock people out. He'll put his boxing to the test tonight (Dec. 4) against Scott Smith's "Hands of Steel." Who has the edge heading into Strikeforce: "Henderson vs Babalu?" Can Daley erase the memory of the Koscheck fight with another strong performance?

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