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Cole-blooded: Donald Cerrone is a good fighter but he 'sucks at life'


At least if you're asking "Magrinho."

"Cerrone is a good fighter but he sucks at life. I guess I'll be ready to give him his ass whooping after I'm done fighting Matt Wiman. I would be more than happy to take a step down in competition to fight Cerrone and I think the UFC would definitely make it happen because it makes sense. ... Some people out there are just too dumb to realize that they are not any good and I want to show Cerrone that is exactly the case. When you think about it that is probably his biggest strength and at the same time his biggest weakness because he is too dumb to realize his actual skill level. ... After this fight with Wiman I'll tack up a picture of his face on my mirror so when I get up to start my day it will get me motivated to get into the gym, training harder than ever before and as a result I will be the on a totally different level. I'll be the best fighter that I've ever been when it comes time for me to fight and kill him."

Streaking lightweight Cole Miller tells Duane Finley at Bloody Elbow he's more than willing to throw leather with recent UFC acquisition Donald Cerrone. After his victory over Chris Horodecki at WEC 53, "Cowboy" called the lanky Georgian out, presumably to avenge his friend and training partner Leonard Garcia's loss to "Magrinho" back in 2007. Initially hesitant regarding the fight, Miller has thrown down the gauntlet, and is ready to welcome Cerrone to the world's largest fight promotion -- once he gets through with Matt Wiman at UFC: "Fight for the Troops 2" on Jan. 22 in Fort Hood, Texas. In the full interview, Miller touts his stellar jiu-jitsu, something reflected in his consecutive "Submission of the Night" winning performances his last two times in the cage. If the UFC indeed sets this fight up, can he add one of Cerrone's limbs to his growing collection?

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