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UFC 125: Somebody done pushed up the wrong Mohican this time, bro




"It felt like they done messed up and let the wrong brother in the UFC now. I’m coming to get the title. It feels so good to just be where I’m at right now at my age. It’s kind of the last of the last of the Mohicans. I’m ready to go to war and I don’t think he’s ready to really deal with what I’ve been dealing with. He’s a great guy. I’ve studied him. I’ve watched his tapes. I’ve looked at his lifestyle, his home, his family. He’s a chiropractor. I mean, I don’t even know why this guy fights. I fight to survive. I fight to eat. I fight to feed my kids. I don’t know why he fights. I think he fights for the glory of it, and I think you know what? You done pushed up on the wrong opponent this time, bro, because I’m coming to get it. This is my life, my future, my career."

Forty-year-old lightweight veteran Antonio McKee (25-3-2) will finally make his Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) debut against Jacob Volkmann (11-2) at UFC 125: "Resolution" this Saturday night (Jan. 1) from the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. "Mandingo" is hoping to shake things up in an already stacked 155-pound division, but does a win over "Christmas" prove anything for someone who's already 30-fights deep into their MMA career? Let's hear some fantasy match-ups should McKee get past Volks tomorrow night.

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