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Silver star: Brian Stann bringing battlefield experience to UFC 125 war against Chris Leben


Props: Las Vegas Sun


"He’s got more fights in the UFC than I have fights overall. But I’ll take my experiences in life over his fights any day. The mental agility, stress and adversity I’ve had to overcome overseas will play a factor in this fight. I think it helps me with perspective. A lot of times, fighters beat themselves mentally before they get in the cage. We’re not worried about getting hurt, we’re worried about hurting our pride. For me, with the experience I’ve been through, if I was to lose a fight — what does it really mean in the grand scheme of things? A lot of people think I’m crazy for [calling out Leben], but that’s who I am. A lot of people who know me know I’m going to take on the bear. That’s just the way I’m going to live my life."

UFC middleweight and armed forces veteran Brian Stann will be a soldier bringing misfortune to Chris Leben tomorrow night (Jan. 1) at UFC 125 in Las Vegas. The "All American" wanted to throw hands with "The Crippler" after watching him dazzle fans at UFC 116 last July, but can he complete the mission? Or will Leben leave Stann missing in action? Your pick for this 185-pound war is ...

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