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Cain it really be true: Junior dos Santos 'outraged' and confused about Velasquez's injury


Props: Portal Vale Tudo (via Fighters Only)


"I'm really outraged. How does a person leaves a fight versus Brock Lesnar in perfect physical condition and then get hurt without being in training? The last news I heard about Velasquez, he was riding in Mexico. How did he get injured? I'm in the best moment of my career, training heavily and working hard to put on the fight of my life, and all of a sudden, this is postponed for eight months. That's unfair. I'm five months without fighting, fighting is my life, not just because I love doing it, but also because I need to fight for a living. I don't make as much money as the top fighters, so I really need to work. Of course it would be fantastic to face Velasquez at 'UFC Rio' in August, but I can't keep myself one year away from the Octagon only waiting for his recovering... so I do think what would be most fair, would be Dana gives me the opportunity to fight for an interim belt."

Count Junior dos Santos amongst those who are pissed off about UFC Heavyweight Champion Cain Velasquez's shoulder injury and subsequent surgery that will keep him on the shelf for a reported six to eight months. The Brazilian bomber is also questioning the nature of the injury itself -- after all, didn't Velasquez thoroughly dominate Brock Lesnar and finish the fight in the very first round while barely breaking a sweat? "Cigano" doesn't plan on waiting for the champ to get healthy and thinks it's only fair that UFC President Dana White immediately insert him into a fight for an interim title. Considering the circumstances, is it fair for "JDS" to ask for such a thing? Do we have any conspiracy theorists that care to speculate on the possibility of nefarious activities? Let's hear it, Maniacs.

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