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AKA Coach: 'Cain Velasquez is a better striker than Junior dos Santos'


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"Cain will be ready to fight anywhere the fight goes. I think Cain is a better striker than [Junior dos Santos]. But JDS has better power and is the most dangerous heavyweight alive. You can count on Cain being ready for JDS. Cain is like GSP, he will execute as soon as round one begins."

American Kickboxing Academy (AKA) coach Dave Camarillo is confident in the hands of his star pupil and UFC Heavyweight Champion Cain Velasquez, who battles division number one contender Junior dos Santos at some point in early 2011. "Cigano" has ended five of his six UFC bouts with his fists and hopes to bring the heavyweight gold back to Brazil. Does Velasquez have the hands, or more importantly the chin, to hang with dos Santos on his feet? Or will he play it safe and use his wrestling to neutralize his opponent's biggest weapon? How does this fight play out Maniacs?

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