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UFC 125: Frankie Edgar counting on deep waters to wear out a bigger Gray Maynard




"I don’t think I lost [our first fight] because I was the smaller fighter. I think he just fought a better fight that night, and his game plan worked better than mine. But I was actually a little bit smaller that night than I am now. I packed on some weight since that fight, but he’s still going to be bigger. He’s still going to have the size advantage. I’m sure Gray’s preparing for the [five five-minute rounds], but there’s nothing like having the experience doing it like I have my last two fights. I’m hoping to take him in deep water and hoping I can wear him out. In four and five rounds, I’m expecting to hopefully take control."

UFC Lightweight Champion Frankie Edgar, who already has two five-rounders under his belt in 2010, looks to use his experience in the championship rounds to wear down a "bigger" Gray Maynard in their upcoming UFC 125 headliner on Jan. 1 in Las Vegas. Edgar didn't have "The Answer" to overcoming "The Bully's" wrestling back in 2008, but hopes the extra weight and his improved jiu-jitsu will make the difference in their second go-round. Anyone think history will repeat itself? Or will Edgar silence his critics once and for all?

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