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Is Georges St. Pierre more 'mainstream America' than MMA?


If you ask his manager, the answer is yes.

"I think he's less of a typical stereotype of what the mainstream thinks of MMA and at one point what I thought of MMA -- that it's mainly testosterone-laden, tatted up, pierced guys. That's what most people still think. Slowly but surely we're chipping away at that perception. Here you've got a good-looking, clean-cut guy, wears a suit at the press conference, doesn't trash talk. He's much more mainstream America than the sport is. I think that's why he has that ability."

Shari Spencer tells Sherdog Radio that her fighter has essentially outgrown the sport that made him famous. While MMA is still bogged down with an image of a stereotypical male, Georges St. Pierre has broken the mold of what is and what should be. Although it has little to do with how dominant he is as a fighter, it's definitely an interesting topic of discussion. Is Spencer correct in her perception of the sport we love so much? Are you full of testosterone, tatted up and pierced? Please, give us your thoughts on the subject, Maniacs.

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