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UFC 125: Marcus Davis hoping to go from possible retirement to possible lightweight title run


Props: Canadian Press


"[My doctor] said 'Listen, you've got a lot of problems, but they're all treatable.' A lot of that weight I was carrying around before was unhealthy stuff, literally kind of like poison in my body. It was a real big eye-opener. I feel great. It's kind of weird because I've been going through a lot of changes on my way to this fight, a lot of physical changes but a ton of mental changes. My training has just gone through the roof. ... My mind went from contemplating retirement to now I'm looking at making a run in the 155-pound division."

Former UFC welterweight Marcus Davis is hoping to make a successful transition to the 155-pound weight class when he battles division stalwart Jeremy Stephens at the upcoming UFC 125: "Resolution" event on Jan. 1 in Las Vegas. "The Irish Hand Grenade" changed his diet to help alleviate digestive problems that have assisted in his weight loss and now he's ready to prove how good he feels against the "Lil' Heathen" on New Year's Eve. Can Davis, at 38, "make a run in the 155-pound division?" Or will Stephens "run" him out of the company?

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