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Lyoto Machida fights within a 'safety zone' because he knows the 'consequences' of losing




"People sometimes want something and it's not always possible. St. Pierre plays by the rules all the time because he knows that, once you're losing, nobody wants to know about you anymore. It's great to do a great show, but you can't do both sometimes. Sometimes you only have two chances of beating that opponent, so it's best to keep a strategic fight and try to win because the level of the sport is so high. The other guy ain't silly, he's also trained. I can't say 'okay, let's begin to exchange and see where it goes.' We want to give fight and give people a good show, but you have to play on a safety zone. Anderson Silva himself, in some of the fights he's been doing, he does it to win, because he knows the consequences of the losses."

Former Light-Heavyweight Champion Lyoto Machida can't help but fight the way he does because he understands what happens if he piles up a few losses. Now that he's dropped consecutive fights, to "Shogun" Rua and Quinton "Rampage" Jackson respectively, "The Dragon" is feeling the pressure to get back into the win column -- and fast. Very few fighters have dropped three in a row and survived the wrath of the UFC. Based on this, combined with Machida's comments, can we expect an even more tedious approach from the elusive Brazilian? Have at it, Maniacs.

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