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UFC 127: George Sotiropoulos thinks the 'bias' against him is 'pretty obvious'




"I think I've been cast into the spotlight because of where I'm from and my success, but I don't feel burdened. I just go out there and do what I do. I don't really get into the hype or the bulls--t that people talk about. For me, I'm just focused on what I do, which is training and fighting. The rest is really irrelevant. Nobody said anything before [about my braces] when I was under the radar, when I wasn't a threat, so to speak. But the reality is, it gives both fighters the same advantage. There is friction obviously with fabric, but the amount of friction I have against my opponent, he has against me. It's a level playing field. That's the bottom line. Nobody says anything when it's Randy Couture wearing those knee sleeves or Frank Mir or Tim Sylvia or B.J. Penn. They say something now that it's with me. I think there's a bit of bias there. I don't know. It's pretty obvious what's going on."

Undefeated in seven trips to the Octagon, surging lightweight contender George Sotiropoulos continues to downplay the significance of his in-cage attire as he heads into his UFC 127 fight against Dennis Siver from the Acer Arena on Feb. 27 in Sydney, Australia. Is the mixed martial arts community showing bias towards "Sots" for his excessive outerwear? And do his comparisons to Randy Couture and BJ Penn have any merit? Let's hear your take on the Aussie's stance.

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