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UFC 125: Mike Brown is going to make Diego Nunes afraid come Jan. 1




"I come out aggressive and like to finish. That's what I like to do. Swing hard and hurt him. The striking opens up my submission game. If they are scared of my strikes then that gives me the opportunity to get a submission as well. ... That's what I want to do. Grab him, push him around, pull him, hit him hard. Use my power and force on him. Make him afraid of it. That will find a hole in his game and I'll end it there."

Former WEC Featherweight Champion Mike Brown is all set to make his return to the world's largest fight promotion and he's got plans to definitively put away Diego Nunes when they square off at UFC 125: "Resolution" set for Jan. 1 in Las Vegas. In his initial go-round with the organization, "MTB" was submitted in the first round by Japanese legend Genki Sudo. His opponent, a Brazilian Muay Thai specialist, is "Gunning" to make an impact of his own in what will be his UFC debut. Who ya got, Maniacs? Can Brown redeem himself at the expense of Nunes?

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