Chael Sonnen: 'Wanderlei Silva is a walking punchline'


Props: Twitter


"Wand, you might as well fill out your own toe tag. Where it says 'Cause of death,' just write, 'I pissed off a Gangster.' You killed who? I was taking it easy on you. Ya looked like Tammy Faye Baker. I went easy so that new face of yours wouldn't fall off. More guys have worked on your face than it took to build the Pyramids. You look like Lisa Rinna w/a Leprechaun beard, you fool. You are a walking punchline. Go fight what's left of Sakuraba in an alley behind a sushi place in Tokyo for 10 Yen apiece."

Outspoken middleweight Chael Sonnen rips Wanderlei Silva numerous times on his twitter account. Silva recently made comments about a sparring session he had with Sonnen where he said he "killed him." Sonnen's suspension for failing a post-fight drug screening will end March 2, 2011. Does the motor-mouth ex-Realtor have a death wish? Or is he ready for "The Axe Murderer?"

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