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NYBA: ‘Hey, buddy, you’re not unbeatable and you’re going to lose right now’




"[Tavares is] still wet behind the ears, and when you’re a young kid and you’re undefeated, you just think you’re unbeatable. You think you can stay that way forever and you’re going to be the champion and no one can beat you. In a fight with a guy like that, you have to make him realize right off the bat, ‘Hey, buddy, you’re not unbeatable and you’re going to lose right now.’ You’re one punch away from resurrecting your career and I can hit as hard as any of them."

Longtime mixed martial arts veteran Phil Baroni can resurrect his fading mixed martial arts career "with one punch" against Brad Tavares when they hook 'em up at UFC 125: "Resolution" on Jan. 1 in Las Vegas. The artist formerly known as "The Best Eva" is facing an uphill battle against today's newer generation of well rounded fighters. Baroni is trying to keep up with the times and get back into contendership -- but is it too little, too late? Can the "New York Bad Ass" make one last run before hanging up the gloves?

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