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Reed Harris: The WEC did things the right way


And he's happy to see his guys make it to the big show.

"The UFC bought PRIDE and the WFA [World Fighting Alliance], too, but we're the only one they allowed to put on fight cards. I like to think it's because we did things the right way. It's great, because now we go forward and our guys get to be part of the biggest show in the world. They fought their way to get into this position and it's a credit to all of these guys who fought for us. I'm happy to see this day come, because it's like a celebration of [the history of] the WEC."

WEC co-founder Reed Harris (via Yahoo) isn't sad to see the end of a promotion he worked so hard to build. He's happy to see the fighters that he worked with for so many years finally get a chance to ply their craft on the biggest stage in the world for their respective sport. Throughout the near ten year run for the organization, they consistently put on some of the best shows of any promotion they went up against. WEC 53, their final event, was a resounding success and created even more memories for the small but exciting company that we all came to love so much. Now that it's officially come to an end, feel free to share what you will remember most about the WEC in the comments section.

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