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Frankie Edgar wants to 'shut everybody up' by winning the rematch with Gray Maynard


Props: Tapology


"It was a few years ago so a lot has changed for him and definitely for me. We're all going to find out whether or not I can beat Maynard on January 1st, so hopefully that will shut everybody up. Maybe what they're saying will ring true and maybe it won't. He gets his job done. He gets a lot of flack for not being the most entertaining guy, but that's not what it's about. He wins. Nate Diaz and Kenny Florian tear people up and he's beaten both of them, so I've got to give it to him."

UFC Lightweight Champion Frankie Edgar knows that if he beats Gray Maynard at UFC 125 on Jan. 1, he will have avenged his one career loss and the critics won't have much to say about him anymore -- at least as a fighter. Both he and his opponent have been dominant throughout their careers but it hasn't translated to the box office. In fact, most of the talk heading into their New Year's Day rematch has revolved not around who the winner of the fight will be, but whether or not anyone will pay to see it. Tell me, Maniacs, will you be purchasing this event?

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