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Georges St. Pierre: 'I think my peak is still ahead ... I think I can get much, much better than I am right now'


Props: Fan 590 in Toronto (via Sports Radio Interviews)


"I heard (Koscheck) broke his orbital bone and had surgery. I hope he’s okay. I think the doctors or his corner men should have stopped it because it’s very dangerous in this sport, he could lose an eye and also it could be a career-killing situation, but at the end of the day it was good for the fans. I think my peak is still ahead. I’m 29 years old, I get better every time, I feel stronger every time, and I’ve changed a lot of things in my training and I try to keep it a secret. I keep it for me and it makes me better. I think I can get much, much better than I am right now."

That's probably not what the rest of the UFC welterweight division wanted to hear, but reigning division champion Georges St. Pierre, riding high after disposing of Josh Koscheck at UFC 124 in dominant fashion, reveals that he may still be a year or two away from hitting his peak, which may not even be necessary to overcome number one contender Jake Shields, especially when comparing their most recent performances. Is Shields the final hurdle before "Rush" officially cleans out the 170-pound division? And will fans be forced to sit through another round of rematches before the Canadian moves up to middleweight? Let's hear your predictions for GSP's 2011 fight campaign -- and beyond.

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