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'Cowboy' up: Donald Cerrone still thinks Jamie Varner is a 'b*tch'


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"I'm focused on my fight at hand. I used to worry about him. All my other fights with Ben [Henderson], everything was about getting through the next guy to get to Jamie Varner. Now I've overcome that. I feel like I got what I asked for and went out there and did everything I said I was going to do. I feel like the drama, that part's over. But the beef? Is he, as a person, still a b-tch? Yes he is, and I still will gladly say that. So if we meet again, we will, but if not, whatever. ... I feel like I'm on the chopping block. I'm not a guaranteed UFC fighter yet. I'm a WEC fighter and this is my last payday. So I think I need to go out there and let Dana White know, this is where I want to be, this is what I plan on doing. ... I plan on making waves in the UFC."

Despite the fact that UFC head honcho Dana White loves guys that put on exciting fights, thrilling lightweight Donald Cerrone doesn't feel safe. His 3-3 record in his last six fights may be rather pedestrian, but he won "Fight of the Night" in four of those contests and embroiled himself in one of the WEC's most historic feuds in the process. His beef with Jamie Varner continues to this day with both fighters trading verbal jabs in the lead-up to their respective WEC 53 fights -- "Cowboy" taking on Chris Horodecki while "The Worm" does battle against Shane Roller. Cerrone was quoted as saying it's a "bitch slap to his face" in regards to Varner being placed on the preliminary card, which is being held near his hometown, while he will appear on the televised portion of the event. He also wouldn't rule out a rubber match with his arch-nemesis. Anybody interested in a trilogy?

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