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TUF 12 Finale drug test results come back clean from NSAC for 'Bonnar vs Pokrajac'


Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) today confirmed that 13 of the 22 competitors who were tested for illegal/banned substances after competing at The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 12 Finale on Dec. 4 have all passed with flying colors.

Main event participants Jonathan Brookins and Michael Johnson, as well as Stephan Bonnar, Igor Pokrajac, Demian Maia, Rick Story, Leonard Garcia, Cody McKenzie, Kyle Watson, Nick Pace, Pablo Garza, Ian Loveland and Dave Branch were all screened for performance enhancers such as steroids and drugs of abuse like cocaine and marijuana, among others.

Results from these battery of tests all returned negative.

The fighters mentioned above were randomly selected. However, athletic commissions typically test the main event participants and fight night winners, as well as those who have failed drug tests in the past.

TUF 12 Finale took in a gate of $380,025 with a final attendance of 1,903, consisting of 1,178 tickets sold and 725 tickets comped.

A mere 239 tickets remained unsold.

The UFC dished out $398,000 in fighter salaries for the live Spike TV event and another $120,000 in additional bonus money for the four participants who delivered outstanding performances.

Jonathan Brookins captured the TUF crown in a decision win over fellow finalist Michael Johnson in the main event of the evening. Stephan Bonnar, Demian Maia and Rick Story were also victorious.

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