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Greg Jackson: 'We tried to knock him out but Josh Koscheck is really tough'


"He tried really hard to knock him out but Koscheck is really tough. Like I said, Thiago Alves, Jon Fitch... I want to make this clear; these guys are not some bums. These guys are fantastic, phenomenal fighters. For Georges to win is one thing; for Georges to dominate is another thing. If he's lucky enough to get some finishes in, that's great. We're trying to finish them. It's just kind of hard when they're incredibly tough."

-- Trainer to the stars Greg Jackson tells Sherdog his prized pupil, Georges St. Pierre, tried really hard to knock out resident welterweight bad boy Josh Koscheck. Problem is, "Kos" is no chump who, despite a broken face, kept coming back for more. And now that GSP has defended his 170-pound strap five consecutive times, seemingly without even breaking a sweat, critics have taken aim at the one knock against the soft-spoken French-Canadian -- his apparent lack of killer instinct and ability to definitively put away his opponents. Is simply winning not enough? Is a finish more important than a five round destruction? Have at it, Maniacs.

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