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Is Georges St. Pierre the best fighter in the world?


UFC President Dana White doesn't think so.

"Anderson Silva, not only has he wiped out the 185-pound division, he also beat a couple of guys at 205. ... This guy's never lost in the UFC and he moved up another weight division and beat two tough guys at that weight. This whole debate about pound-for-pound ... I love Georges St-Pierre, Georges St-Pierre's awesome, huge superstar and everything, he lost not too long ago to Matt Serra by knockout."

At the UFC 124 post-fight press conference, White furthers his narrative that middleweight kingpin Anderson Silva is the pound-for-pound best fighter in the world -- even though Georges St. Pierre just dominated Josh Koscheck while the "Spider" needed a Hail Mary triangle to get past Chael Sonnen. Although he wouldn't rule it out, White commented that Jake Shields will be the next challenger for GSP as opposed to the Brazilian knockout artist. Will we ever see an end to the pound-for-pound debate?

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