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UFC 124 results: Georges St. Pierre dominates Josh Koscheck to remain welterweight champion


Dominance. Clinic. Blowout. Obliteration.

All of these words can be used to describe the absolute destruction that took place in the main event of UFC 124. Georges St. Pierre worked a stiff jab for 25 minutes and Josh Koscheck had no answer for it.

In fact, his eye was swollen shut by the end of the first round.

How much did wrestling come into play? Not much. St. Pierre landed a takedown in the opening round and missed on two others but there was no need for him to ever take it to the floor.

He was clearly the superior striker and over the duration of five rounds, he showed why he just may be the pound-for-pound best fighter in the world today.

Although the main argument for Koscheck's chance to "Dethrone Royalty" was his much improved striking, his gameplan seemed to consist of loading up and waiting to land a big overhand right.

Unfortunately, "Rush" has been tutored by Freddie Roach, the best boxing trainer in the world.

Throughout the fight, the crowd chanted a myriad of taunts to the number one contender. "F*ck you, Koscheck" may have been the most popular.

It didn't matter what the crowd said, it was clear from the outset that Georges St. Pierre came to dominant and that's exactly what he did.

Did he knock him out? No. Did he submit him? No.

He just outclassed him so badly that Koscheck was throwing spinning back kicks and hitting nothing but air by the time they were deep into the fifth and final frame.

They hugged when it was over and Koscheck spent a lengthy amount of time whispering something to the champion -- likely squashing any potential beef between the two. That's what mixed martial arts is all about.

Georges St. Pierre is still the welterweight champion of the world.

No doubt about it.

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